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DIY Board Decorating Workshop


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Drawing & Painting Studio / Private Drawing and Painting Lessons



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 A Co-op Shop of Locally Sourced Art


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Art Gallery


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Beginning metal jewelry design classes and parties


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Arts Studio / Studio Space for Artists to Work on Projects 


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Featuring a wide variety of locally sourced artwork & gift items.



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North End Gallery

WHY SHOULD I JOIN THE LBA?: Businesses and organizations that join the LBA have membership privileges and networking opportunities. The LBA holds regular monthly meetings with its membership and special invited guests such as the Mayor of Leonardtown, Town Council members, St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office, St. Mary’s County Department of Economic and Community Development and many others. This gives members the opportunity to discuss opportunities and challenges in an open atmosphere and get answers quickly. Join now.

QUESTIONS?: Email the LBA secretary at

WHAT IS THE LBA?:  The Leonardtown Business Association (LBA) is a member organization formed by businesses and organizations for the sole purpose of advancing the economic, professional, cultural and civic welfare of Leonardtown, Maryland. The LBA encourages the growth of existing businesses and offers assistance to new businesses seeking to open in Leonardtown.

In 1986 a group of talented artists from the Southern Maryland area joined forces to discuss starting a cooperative gallery in Leonardtown, MD. Sally Carter, a potter, and Pat Lewis, a painter and sculptor originated the idea of a gallery featuring local artists. That meeting resulted in the founding of the North End Gallery. The first exhibit opened in September of 1986 with 25 artist members showing their works.

The North End Gallery got its name from the original building on Rt. 5 which had housed the old “North End Printing Shop”. Sally Carter had a pottery studio there. An unfortunate accident which involved a bus coming through the front of the building resulted in rebuilding the front area. This gave Sally and her friend, Pat Lewis the idea of forming a gallery of local artists to use this new lovely space. This was the first home of the gallery and was our location for about 5 years, then the group moved to the current location on Fenwick Street.

Thirty-three years later, the North End Gallery is a thriving gallery with up to 35 member/owners who actively participate in the promotion, management, and support of day-to-day activities.  This unique owner/membership cooperative effort assures a high level of commitment to providing our customers with the best selection of creative work available in the region.

The gallery members are actively involved in building our commitment to the community through the St. Mary’s County Arts Council, the Leonardtown Business Association, the St. Mary’s County Department of Tourism, St. Mary’s College, and various youth programs throughout Southern Maryland.  New artist member/owners are considered for inclusion through a juried review process by the current members periodically throughout the year.  Contact the gallery for more information.

North End Gallery is a proud member of the St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce and has been chosen as “Southern Maryland’s Finest Gallery” by Maryland Life magazine for the last 3 years.

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