Moll Dyer Day Celebration
Leonardtown has designated February 26th as Moll Dyer Day in honor of legend Moll Dyer, a local woman accused of witchcraft who tragically died evading a deadly mob who set fire to her small cabin. Dyer escaped her burning cabin and fled into the surrounding woods on one of the coldest nights of the winter of 1697. Dyer was found days later by a young boy who was looking for livestock lost in the night's storm. The boy came upon her body - one hand frozen to a large rock and the other outstretched to the sky. Legend has it that Moll put a curse on the land and on the rock, which bares her now fading handprint. It's rumored that anyone who touches the rock will become dizzy or even fall ill. The rock was moved to the Old Jail in the 70's where it has sat for almost 50 years. The St. Mary's County Historical Society has taken measures to preserve the rock, moving it to the home of the Historical Society at Tudor Hall Manor. The inaugural celebration includes the live-stream of the Unveiling of the Moll Dyer Rock in its new location on Friday, February 26, 2021. The event opens with a retelling of the history of Moll Dyer.


Click on the image below at 1 PM on February 26th to view the event:


Moll Dyer Rock Move Image.png
Moll Dyer Rock Move
Moll dyer Rock Move
Moll Dyer Rock Move
Moll Dyer Rock Move
Moll Dyer Rock Move
Moll Dyer rock Move
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Moll dyer day celebration

Premiere: February 26th at 1 PM

Learn the history of Moll Dyer, and view the unveiling of the legendary Moll Dyer Rock in its new home at Tudor Hall Manor where it will be cared for and preserved by the St. Mary's County Historical Society.


Honored dignitaries scheduled to speak and help commemorate this special occasion include, Leonardtown Mayor, Daniel Burris; Leonardtown Town Administrator, Laschelle McKay; St. Mary's County Historical Society Director, Peter LaPorte and more. 

Tune in here at: on
Friday, February 26, 2021 at 1 PM to view the event.