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The Application Process

The TOWN of LEONARDTOWN has two beautiful outdoor spaces that are available to rent for weddings and special events: the Leonardtown Wharf and the Port of Leonardtown Winery Park. It is also possible to request the use of the Leonardtown Square for fundraisers and special activities (please note that there are more restrictions for use of the Square). The reservation process is as follows:

  1. Verify the Availability: Please contact Aris Nazarova, the Public Relations & Events Coordinator at or 301-475-9791 to check the availability for your chosen event date.

  2. Submit the Applications/Schedule a Walk-thru of the Event Space: Aris Nazarova will forward the event and permit applications and schedule a wedding or event walk-thru with you at your chosen venue (please try to complete the applications as much as possible before the meeting). 

  3. Wedding/Event Walk-thru: At your Walk-thru, Aris will discuss the particulars about holding an event at your chosen location (the hours of operation, the amenities, any special requirements, and restrictions). She will also review the applications with you at this time. You may also pay your reservation fee at this time (the fee is based on the number of guests you are expecting - $75 for 75 guests or below, or $150 for above
    75 guests).


  4. The Certificate of Insurance: The final requirement is to submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance. The certificate has to be for $1,000,000 and name the Commissioners of Leonardtown as the additional insured. If you have homeowner's or renter's insurance, you can request the certificate from your provider. If you don't have insurance, you can purchase day-of insurance from the provider below:

GatherGuard Information for day of insurance:

For how to info for purchasing day-of insurance, go to:

Any questions, please call the GatherGuard International broker at: 1-844-747-6240

You may need this Facility/Venue ID Code: 0501-1188



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