The Leonardtown Learn & Share Series

The Leonardtown Learn & Share Series offering Health & Wellness Classes on mindfulness, stress relief and well being. Click on a link below for more information and to view the classes.


Accessible Vegan

SOMD Vegan Classes

Alissa Kircher from SOMD Vegan Events introduces you to the world of Vegan food. Alissa shares recipes, debunks myths and talks about the health benefits of living a Vegan  lifestyle in her new series for Leonardtown Learn & Share. (FREE Classes)

Quick & Easy Lunch Series NEW!


Vegan Health & Fitness  

Fish-less Tacos


Quick N' Easy Lunch (Chick'n Salad)

Gut Health & Immune Boosters



Bethany Yates.jpg

Art for Mindulness

Art for Mindfulness with Bethany Yates

Bethany Yates is a local artist and social worker. With each video, she shares with you an art exercise you can do to relieve stress, anxiety, and irritability. 

Art for Mindfulness: Drawing a Breath NEW!

Art for Mindfulness: Drawing the Beat

Art for Mindfulness: Drawing with Eyes Closed



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Learn to Knit

Knitting for Beginners

Knitting is recognized for its health benefits from aiding in concentration and helping to reduce stress. Crazy for Ewe, a quality yarn store in Leonardtown, teachesyou the basics.

Knit Stitch 

Purl Stitch

Long Tail Cast On 

Increase Knit Front and Back

Increases - M1 

Lifted Increase 


Suspended Bind-off 


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