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FEATURE: Healthy Living in Leonardtown

For those who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, Historic Leonardtown, Maryland is an idyllic location to live and visit. Offering a wealth of options from both indoor and outdoor activities, Leonardtown is sure to fit everyone’s ideal for a “fit lifestyle”.  

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast why not spend the day on the water
PACPaddlesports provides rentals for kayaks and paddle boards at Leonardtown Wharf and Port of Leonardtown Winery Park. One favorite paddle outing they like to recommend is a scenic water trail that departs from the Port of Leonardtown Winery Park, launching from McIntosh Run - a little known secret hidden in this vibrant, green park that provides cooling shade to visitors even on the warmest of days. This serene water trail is nearly three miles long and leads to picturesque Leonardtown Wharf Park. The trip can take between 2.5 to 3 hrs to complete depending on the speed of paddling and breaks to smell the flowers. On this outing, sighting a few Bald Eagles is easy to do in the Spring months and if you go in the morning or evening seeing muskrat, beaver or otter is not uncommon. For more information about planning your own excursion, visit: Why not visit Port of Leonardtown Winery for a wine tasting for a perfect ending to your outing.

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