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New View FiberWorks Learn & Share Series
In honor of its 10th Anniversary, New View Fiberworks (NVF) has partnered with the Town of Leonardtown to present an inventive new Learn & Share Series. New View Fiberworks is a fiber arts shop that features beautiful hand-made items from local artists in a wide range of medium from crocheting, knitting, weaving, felting, quilting, and much more. In their new series for Leonardtown Learn & Share. NVF Fiber Artist, Randee Hamblin, will teach a series of classes featuring a wide range of mixed media projects. Learn more below.



Sewing with Paper

PREMIERES: August 25th at 11 AM

In her first class, Randee teaches you the unusual technique of sewing with paper - including 2-sided paper, and joining paper to fabric to make bookmarks, wallets, journal covers, art quilts, even tote bags.




Watercolor on Fabric

PREMIERES: September 22nd at 11 AM

In this inventive class, learn how to use Inktense Pencils and textile medium to watercolor on fabric. Randee demonstrates painting pictorial and/or abstract designs, which can be enhanced with thread sketching, to make art quilts and wearable art.

View the Class


Origami with Fabric

PREMIERES: October 20th at 11 AM

In her third L&S class, Randee teaches you ways to stiffen fabric to make raised star shapes, textured fills, and dimensional origami designs for quilts and wall hangings, and for decorative items such as trinket boxes.

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