Leonardtown Learn & Share Series

The Leonardtown Learn & Share Series presents Dance Classes taught by professional dancers/choreographers. Click on a link below to start learning today.

Learn to Tap

Learn to Tap Dance from professional dancer/choreographer, Justin Myles (Justin has toured with productions: STOMP and Tap Dogs and competed on World of Dance with the JaM Project). No tap shoes, no problem. You don't need any materials, just a desire to learn.
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Learn Bboy Basics

Learn the basics of Bboy Dancing from Anthony Reid, Dance Instructor with Diversity Dance Community. Learn moves like the 2 step, side step and
Indian step.

(FREE Class)


Learn the Dance Salsa

Learn to Salsa Dance from Donna Jordan, a professional dancer/choreographer and adjunct professor from the College of Southern Maryland and St. Mary's College.
(FREE Classes)

Learn to Swing Dance

Learn the art of Swing Dancing. Raymond Tuazon, Choreographer and Coordinator from Diversity Dance Community, teaches you the basics of swing dancing. 
(FREE Class)

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