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Leonardtown Learn & Share Series

The Leonardtown Learn & Share Series presents Dance Classes taught by professional dancers/choreographers. Click on a link below to start learning today.



Beginner Tap Lessons with Justin Myles

Justin Myles is a professional dancer/choreographer/singer/songwriter. This talented artist from Maryland/DC has toured the Country and also Internationally with off-broadway and HBO productions like Tap Dogs and STOMP, and has competed with his dance group JaM Project on World of Dance. We're excited to announce that Justin will be teaching a weekly Beginner's Tap Dance Class right here on Leonardtown Learn & Share! Learn to tap dance from a World-Class Performer! No Shoes, No Problem - all you need is a desire to learn!

Tap Dance for Beginners, Lesson 7 NEW!

Tap Dance for Beginners, Lesson 6 

Tap Dance for Beginners, Lesson 5 

Tap Dance for Beginners, Lesson 4 

Tap Dance for Beginners, Lesson 3 

Tap Dance for Beginners, Lesson 2

Tap Dance For Beginners, Lesson 1

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Learn to Dance Salsa

Beginner Salsa Lessons with Donna Jordan

Learn to Dance Salsa with Donna Jordan, a professionally trained dancer and adjunct Professor with the College of Southern Maryland & St. Mary's College.

Lesson 5 NEW!

Lesson 4 

Lesson 3 


Lesson 2 

Lesson 1

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Learn to Swing Dance

Beginners Swing Dance Lessons with Diversity Dance Community

Raymond Tuazon is a passionate choreographer and coordinator, with a strong affinity for swing dancing. To date, he has choreographed 17+ performances, from swing and ballroom to hip hop and traditional folk dancing. He is one of four founders of Diversity Dance Community, a group dedicated to community, learning, and dance in Southern Maryland.


About Lindy Hop:

Lindy Hop is a partner swing dance. It was born in Harlem, New York City, in the late 1920's and became popular in the 1930's and 1940's (also known as the "swing era"). With roots from African rhythm/movements and European structured dance, Lindy is an eclectic fusion of popular dances at the time - particularly Jazz, Tap, Breakaway, and Charleston.

Swing Dance Tutorial

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Learn Bboy Basics

Beginners Bboy Lesson with Diversity Dance Community

Anthony Reid from Diversity Dance Community teaches the basics of Bboy dancing. In this fun, high-energy video, you can learn basics like ​2-step, side step, and Indian step. Click on the link below to get started.


Bboy  Tutorial

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Justin Myles
Donna Jordan
Swing Dance
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