Leonardtown Photo Contest


Join us for the 1st Annual Leonardtown Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest: A Day in the Life of Small Town America - Focus on Leonardtown, Maryland! Sponsored by the County Times. Help capture a day in the life of this vibrant Southern Maryland Town by taking images that illustrate the 15 chosen themes (listed below) during a 24-hour period. This fun, family-friendly activity is for all ages and all levels from novice to professional photographers alike. The Contest Rules & Guidelines & Photo Contest Map are included below and available for download on this page. Grab your cameras and join us for the hunt! For questions please call 301-475-9791.

Download: Scavenger Hunt Rules & Guildelines / Photo Contest Map

Contest Themes / Contest Rules & Guidelines / The JudgesHow to Submit Your Photos / Photography Tips

Contest Themes:

  1. Animals/Birds 

  2. History

  3. Family

  4. The Color Orange

  5. Food/Something to Eat

  6. Brick

  7. Flowers

  8. Leisure/Fun

  9. Patriotism

  10. Water

  11. Love

  12. Sunrise/Sunset

  13. Reflection

  14. Selfie in Your Favorite Leonardtown Business

  15. Selfie with a New Friend


Contest Rules & Guidelines:

Choose one day during Veterans Day weekend (Thursday, November 11 - Sunday, November 14, 2021) to capture an image representing each of the 15 themes noted above. All images are to be captured during one day (24-hours). The 24 hour period would begin at Midnight on one of the noted days and end at Midnight 24 hours later creating a 'snapshot' of the Town for a brief 24 hour period as seen through the eyes and cameras of the contestant. The rules are as follows:

  1. Only entries dated the dates of the contest will be accepted.

  2. Images are to represent the 15 Themes noted.

  3. The contestants can submit only one entry for each individual theme.

  4. You can submit an entry for all 15 themes or for as few as you choose.

  5. There is no requirement to only take one picture per hour. You have the entire 24-hour period to shoot and it is your choice as to the when and where of each shot as long as it is within the day designated.

  6. Contestants should depict/document with their cameras and their vision, a Day in the Life of Leonardtown.

  7. Physical props/models should not be used to create any picture. Contestants are asked to capture what is there.

  8. Post-shoot editing is allowed (adding people and objects is prohibited).

  9. Contestants must stay within the physical boundaries shown on the Photo Scrapbook Contest Map.

  10. Themes will be judged by the Leonardtown Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest Committee (LSH).

  11. Decisions of the judges are final.

  12. A violation of any of these rules will disqualify the entry.

  13. Submission of an entry constitutes permission for the Town, Leonardtown Business Association and the St. Mary's County Arts Council to use that picture to promote the Town.

  14. As the Town will be unable to use images with national brand logos, please avoid capturing these in your images. For example: FedEx or UPS boxes, Coca-Cola or Pepsi delivery trucks, etc. Images of local Leonardtown businesses/signage is permissible.

The Town of Leonardtown, Leonardtown Business Association and St. Mary's County Arts Council Staff and family members are not eligible to participate.


Our Judges

In addition to members of the Marketing Committee, the Contest Judging Panel consists of four professional photographers. Meet them here:

Carol and Tom Davis/Your Journey Studios
For over 30 years Tom and I have been photographing whatever comes in front of our camera. So far it’s been a wild ride and we are holding on for all that life has to offer. We are high school sweethearts, and have been married for FOREVERRRRRR. Our greatest joy is our family and spending time with them. “Capturing the essence of life and the personal journeys of our subjects has become a passion of ours. Taking the time to listen and understand the people we photograph enhances and tells the story. We are all on a personal journey. We give you the memory of where you have been as those times unfold. - Carol and Tom Davis.
To learn more about Carol and Tom and Your Journey Studios visit: YourJourneyStudios.com.

Bea Poulin
Bea Poulin is a freelance landscape photographer who focuses her eye on man-made structures and their interaction with the forces of nature. She travels in search of old dilapidated country stores and churches standing defiantly against the elements, abandoned wooden boats in fishing villages and lonely, deserted roads in remote places. She is exploring the abstract features of her found subjects in closeup details as found on boat hulls and cavernous 18th century forts. To learn more about Bea and her work visit: BeaPoulinArt.com.

Reid Silverman
A long time native of Maryland, I attended Indiana University in Bloomington as a journalism major with the inspirations to be a sports writer. Instead, I graduated in 2003 with the determination to be a photojournalist after finding I could better tell the story with my eyes then with words. After freelancing throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC region, I trekked to St. Mary's County to be the head staff photographer for the Enterprise Newspaper and the mother county has been my home since 2006. Throughout my fulfilling life as a photojournalist, I have met many amazing people and captured their moments and events with a zest for finding out what life is all about and freezing it for us to view for all time, one frame at a time.  -Reid Silverman. To learn more about Read visit: ReildSilvermanPhotography.Zenpholio.com.


How to Submit Your Photos

  • Photo submissions will be accepted beginning at 6:00 AM on Thursday, November 11, 2021.

  • The deadline for photo submissions is Midnight on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

  • As noted above, please submit one photo only per category for a total of 15 images. 

  • Please use the following format for naming your photo submissions: Category.Date.YourName, e.g., Patriotism.November11,2021.JohnDoe OR Animals_Birds.November12,2021.JaneDoe

  • Format: Images should be in jpeg format and 300 dpi or greater.

  • Please submit your photos at the link below during the submission period noted above.



Photography Tips
Please keep these tips in mind as you capture your photos:

  • Please be aware of backgrounds. As noted above, please avoid capturing images with national brand logos in them as they will be unusable to the Town. For example: FedEx or UPS boxes, Coca-Cola or Pepsi delivery trucks, etc. Images of local Leonardtown businesses/signage is permissible.

  • For images with people in them, please try to capture happy faces/people enjoying themselves.

  • Lighting is important. A good practice is to keep the sun behind you when you're shooting and use a flash if needed indoors.

  • Be careful to avoid capturing yourself/your camera in mirrors/windows. You may need to test different angles to get the right shot.

  • Also, please be aware of your shadow. Adjusting your angle or where you're standing can help avoid capturing your own shadow in your photos.

  • A good rule of practice is to take more than one photo of your subject (if possible at least two - especially of people as someone blinking at the wrong moment can ruin your perfect shot). Of scenery and special moments like sunrises and sunsets, you may want to take lots of photos so you have more to choose from.

  • Here are some resources you may want to check out where you can find more helpful Photography Tips:

Thank you for considering taking part in the 1st Annual Leonardtown Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest. We hope to see you (and your family/friends) with your camera(s) around Leonardtown Veterans Day Weekend. Happy Shooting!





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