Wayback Wednesdays

Wayback Wednesdays is a weekly video series, produced by St. Mary's County Museum, showing some of the stories that make St. Mary’s County’s history so unique and interesting. This engaging series airing weekly on Wednesday’s is hosted by Museum Division Manager, Karen Stone, and features historical facts and stories from the quirky to the fascinating.

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Current Episode:

Episode 30: The Pony Express & The U.S. Postal Service in St. Mary's County

The Pony Express&

The U.S. Postal Service in St. Mary's County

Posted: Wednesday, October28, 2020

Welcome to #WaybackWednesday Episode 30: The Pony Express & U.S. Postal Service in St. Mary's County, where we discuss how the postal service developed and operated in St. Mary's County. Check it out:

View the episode here>


Past Episodes:

Episode 29:
Cardinal Gibbons Institute


Episode 28:
Maryland Toleration Act

Episode 27:

Drayden African American Schoolhouse


Episode 26:

U.S. Colored Troops Medal of Honor Recipients

Episode 25:
John Donahoo & the Lighthouses of St. Mary's County

Episode 24:
The Piscataway People

Episode 23:
John Washington & his St. Mary's County Wives

Episode 22:
The Old Jail & the Underground Railroad

Episode 21:
The Calvert Legacy

Episode 20:
John Allen Thomas, A Maryland Patriot

Episode 19:
How Lexington Park Got it's Name

Episode 18:

Dr. Thomas Gerard & the St. Clement's Hundred

Episode 17:
The U.S. Navy & St. Clement's Island


Episode 16:

"The War of 1812 in St. Mary's County" NEW!

Episode 15:
"The Fire at Blackistone Lighthouse"

Episode 14:
The First Sheriff 

Episode 13:
Point Lookout Lighthouse and its first Lighthouse Keeper

Episode 12:

Cecil Calvert & the Maryland Charter

Episode 11:


Episode 10:

The Lynching of Benjamin Hance 
Note: This is a difficult story to hear, but an important one to tell. 

Episode 9:

Moll Dyer: The Witch of Leonardtown? 

Episode 8: 
Dashiell Hammett, Local Celebrity 

Episode 7:
Ignatius Loyola & the Founding of the Society of Jesus

Episode 6:

Horse Racing in Leonardtown

Episode 5:
St. Peter Claver Church

Episode 4:
Why Maryland Didn't Secede

Episode 3:
The Black Diamond Disaster

Episode 2:

The Death of Lincoln

Episode 1:
Fr. Andrew White & The Chief​

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